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Wedding dress cleaning specialists

When you spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds on a wedding dress, you need to ensure such an investment gets the care and attention that it warrants. With Essex Dry Cleaners' specialist wedding dress cleaning service in Romford, you can protect and preserve your treasured possession for years to come.

All our skill and experience go into restoring and cleaning your dress, removing any dirt and preserving its beauty.

Complete cleaning and boxing for your wedding dress

  • Dress expertly cleaned

  • Carefully folded in tissue paper to preserve the colour

  • Placed in a box for your convenience and ease of storage

  • Alterations and restoration work can be arranged

So whether you wish to sell your dress, pass it onto a family member or keep it as a memento of your big day, your dress will look beautiful and white for years to come.

Bring your wedding dress back to whiter than white, call
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